About Prepared to Eat

Who Am I?

Hi!  I’m Jamie, wife to my beer brewing husband, Dan and stay at home mom to our five children.  Aaron is my oldest and is always an eager helper.  Ray is my super smart boy who can always be found playing in the back yard.  Joe is our comedian, but is also always thinking deeply about things.  Bee is our little girl who is maybe even more adventurous than her big brothers.  And William is our newest addition, growing like a champ!

I have always enjoyed cooking.  I mean, I don’t like to brag or anything…but I did receive an Outstanding of the Day at the state fair level for baking bread.  I know, lots of people are totally jealous about it!  Ahem…

Anyway, cooking in 4-H is a just a bit different from feeding a family three plus times a day, every day.  It’s a constant challenge to keep up with feeding the family quick, cheap, healthy food on our busy schedule.  I know I’m not alone there!  You can read more about some of my reasons for blogging here.

I often experiment with new foods and new ways of getting and preparing food, because what works one year won’t necessarily still work the next.  I’ve found that as a mom, you can’t get stuck in a rut, because something will come along and pull you out of that rut rather forcefully.

What Prepared to Eat is All About

I hope this will be a place for you to find new ideas about shopping and preparing food for your family.  A place with recipes that you can use in real life.  Maybe a place where I can make the mistakes for you and you can read along and laugh because it didn’t happen to you.  And that’s okay, too.  Us Moms have to stick together, you know.


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