Why prepare to eat?

What’s for dinner?  Oh, it seems like an innocent enough question.  But how often has the 5:00 hour hit only for you to suddenly realize that it’s time to eat and some how no food has magically appeared on the table?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been that Mom plenty of times.  But you also have had sporadic periods of being blissfully prepared.  What’s for dinner?  No problem, it’s already cooking!

Well frankly, I’d like to have more of those nights.  Life just runs more smoothly when you have a plan.

Some of my goals for this blog are to:

  • Know what’s for supper before 5:00 p.m.
  • Have meals ready for Dad to throw in the oven when I’m down and out.
  • Quit relying on fast food for those nights when we are on the go.
  • Take better advantage of good sales and good produce.
  • Learn what is (and isn’t!) working for our family
  • Find out what other Moms are doing that does (or doesn’t!) work for their families.

So yes, this blog will keep me accountable.  But I hope it will be a good resource for other busy Moms, too.

What are your biggest obstacles to being prepared to eat?


About Hi! I'm Jamie,

My family is clawing out of debt, one un-bought fast food bag at a time. When I'm not sharing frugal tips, you’ll find me indulging a sweet tooth, juggling our 5 kids’ activities, or playing Rescue Bots (though the preschooler always insists I'm doing it wrong). Hope you'll join the fun and chaos at Medium Sized Family!
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